Evernia wins highest scoring high-rise project

Uncategorized / 09.01.2015

Project Description

Affordable Senior Housing
2015 Award Winner – Highest Scoring High-Rise Project


Green Achievements

  • Provides a design that is 15% more efficient than FL Code
  • All building HVAC&R systems are free of HCFC’s and Halons
  • Owner purchases 75% certified green power.
  • All appliances are Energy Star certified
  • Water heater is installed in a central location.
  • All ductwork and joints are sealed with mastic.
  • Maximum installed lighting of less than 0.5 watts per square foot of living space.
  • Landscape comprised of a minimum of 75% of drought tolerant plants.
  • Reduces potable water consumption for irrigation on 75% of area irrigated.
  • All toilets installed permit one to flush at volumes lower than required by EPACT.
  • Each shower is equipped with only one showerhead.
  • Faucet aerators are installed on all fixtures.
  • Not developed on prime farmland, flood prone areas, habitat for threatened species, 100ft of Wetland, or public parkland.
  • Is within a minimum of 1/2 mile of one rail node or 1/4 mile of 1 or more bus lines.
  • Provides securing locations for bicyclers and showering and changing rooms for 5% of total occupants.
  • Does not exceed the minimum zoning parking requirements.
  • Limits site disturbance to 40 feet beyond the building perimeter.
  • Exceeds minimum zoning requirements for open space by 25%.
  • No net increase in stormwater runoff from pre-development conditions to post-development.
  • Provides onsite treatment of stormwater to remove 80% of (TSS) total suspended solids and 40% of (TP) total phosphorous.
  • Provides onsite measures to reduce heat island effects.
  • Provides either a green roof (50% of roof area) or Energy Star Certified roofing material (75% of roof area).
  • Smoking is allowed only in designated smoking areas.
  • Building systems is designed to create an air change effectiveness greater than or equal to 0.9 by ASHRAE.
  • All adhesives and sealants meet VOC limits.
  • All carpet and carpet products meet the Carpet & Rug Institute Green Label Certification Program.
  • All composite wood and agrifiber products contain no added urea-formaldehyde.
  • All paints meet VOC limits.
  • All insulation products are free of formaldehyde.
  • Owner maintains the property utilizing environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • Provides minimum of one operable window and one lighting control zone per 200 SF for all areas within 15 ft of perimeter.
  • Provides 50% of all occupants individual control of airflow temperature, and lighting.
  • Provides views to vision glazing for 75% of all occupants.
  • All grout lines between tiles are less than 3/16″ wide.
  • Sealed combustion water heater, or use of an electric water heating system.
  • Use of a sealed combustion furnace or use of an electric heating system such as a heat pump.
  • Installed armored/metal hoses on all fixtures/appliances.
  • Project has infrastructure for recycling paper, cardboard, glass, plastics, and metal.
  • Project diverts a minimum of 75% of all waste from landfill.
  • Incorporates 25% (based on material cost) recycled materials.
  • Uses a single lever shutoff valve requiring only a 90 degree turn.
  • Project purchased 20% (based on cost) of materials from a 700 mile radius from project site.
  • Utilizes impact resistant glazing and impact resistant entry points.
  • Slab elevation is 12″ above 100 year flood plan and all grades around building slope away.
  • Utilizes fire resistant exterior wall cladding, roof covering or subroof, soffit and vent materials.
  • FGBC Designated Professional was involved with project design & construction.
  • No Cypress Mulch is used.
  • Carpet tiles are using common areas.
  • Utilizes light colored interior finishes.
  • Easy access to basic services.
  • Is located in an FGBC Certified Green Local Government.

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