Plans under way for more senior assisted-living in Spring Hill

News / 27.01.2011

SPRING HILL Plans for two multi-family projects aimed to provide low-income housing for seniors are in the works near Spring Hill Regional Hospital.

One has been zoned for nearly three years while the other is moving along much faster, said Donna Singer, a site plan review coordinator with the Hernando County Development Department.

Utility fees and an updated contractor’s license are all that are needed for construction to begin on the 90-unit, 76,000-square-foot facility, she said.

The four-story building will be known as the Vista Grand of Spring Hill.

“We’re cleaning up the final few items,” said Jack Weir, a spokesman with Eastwind Development in West Palm Beach. “We should start building within the next few weeks.”

Both future construction sites are located along Quality Drive, a short distance south of the hospital.

No information could be confirmed about the second project other than the parcel was rezoned in 2008 for commercial development.

“It’s been on hold for a while,” Singer said.

A contractor reportedly assigned to the project was contacted by phone Thursday, but he said he had no knowledge of any construction plans in that area.

As for the Vista Grand, Weir said the location was chosen after an extensive market study.

It revealed how much the community was “underserved for seniors,” he said.

The building is not only in proximity of a hospital, but also a major highway, a grocery store and several restaurants.

Some of the amenities for the project will include a pool, picnic area, bocce courts, computer rooms, hair salon and laundry room.

Weir said residents will have the option of installing a washer and dryer in their rooms.

Forty-five of the units are one-bedroom-one-bath and the other 45 units are two-bedroom-two bath, he said.

The building will be made of concrete blocks.

“We had storm protection in mind when we started it,” said Weir.

He hopes construction will be finished by the end of the year.

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